Join spatial design consultant, Dominique Wu, for a detailed description of Unity based spatial design. Dominique has lead global workshops and presented at prominent conferences on spatial design principles for years. This seminar will showcase some of the points of spatial design that she has developed.

Dominique is the initiator of Hummingbirdsday Design Studio in San Fransico and runs the XReality Pro workshops. Through this role she has been a leader and educator in UX spatial design. Her insights have been recorded in the book Breaking the 2D Paradigm: Spatial Design. This book covers 10 fundamental Spatial Design Principles and Design Patterns, enriched by insights from interviews with more than 38 leaders in the XR field.

Outline of the key points of the Seminar

1. 10 Spatial/XR Design Principles
2. How to break into the Spatial/XR Design industry? 

The type of people who should come to this event

1. Designers who want to get into the XR (AR/VR/MR) industry
2. Developers who want to develop XR products with great user experience
3. Product owners who want to create great XR products
4. Designers looking to improve their careers

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Outline of the event

Date and time 2024/7/27(SAT) 10:00~11:00
Schedule 10:00~10:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
10:05~10:50 Presentation by Dominique Wu
10:50~11:00 Q&A
Place Zoom
Speakers Matt Penna
UX designer
Participants ・Game developer
・Game designer
・Game planner
・Product Designer
・Web Designer
・Web Producer
・Graphic Designer
・UX Designer
・AI Programmer / Developer
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline 2024/7/27(SAT) 10:00

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Dominique Wu氏

Dominique Wu is known for her dedication to creating user-centric spatial interfaces and conducting detailed user research and testing within 3D environments. Her expertise has allowed her to provide valuable consultancy services to notable companies, including Meta and Walmart’s Store 8 innovation hub. Beyond her consultancy role, Dominique is at the helm of Hummingbirdsday Design Studio and XReality Pro, where she crafts spatial design solutions tailored to a wide range of industries. Her passion for the field drives her to share her insights and encourage the exploration of spatial design, both in professional forums such as AWE and academic circles.

As an Adjunct Professor at Cañada College, Dominique is equally committed to XR and Spatial Computing education. She has utilized her UX design skills to make contributions to the immersive technology sector over the past decade, impacting leading companies and the industry at large.

Dominique also plays a pivotal role in building a vibrant XR community, having engaged over 30,000 individuals in the USA through tutorials, speaking engagements, and hackathons associated with XReality Pro. She facilitates weekly virtual meetings that bring together spatial design experts, fostering a space for learning and networking.

Dominique’s projects, particularly those involving the development of spatial design prototypes using Unity and the crafting of user-friendly spatial interfaces, are focused on improving user experiences through innovative and practical design solutions.

Check out the weekly Skillshare Session with Dominique Wu every Saturday at 9 AM PST. She will be demonstrating spatial AI experiments.

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