Have you wanted to find your first job or a better job in gaming? We will have a discussion with game designers, localizers and planners who have found their future in the gaming industry in Japan. We will find out what worked in the job hunting path and how they were able to get into the industry. We will discuss best practices and do’s and don’ts about landing a job in the gaming industry in Japan.

Some of the questions we will cover include:
・What is a typical day working in a Japanese company like?
・How did you find your job?
・How important is Japanese Language ability for your job?

Audience questions are welcome as well.

This seminar is for foreign nationals living in Japan or coming to Japan in the near future who want get into the industry or want to move up in the industry. All levels of working experience are welcome.

Recruitment has ended.


Melissa Voigt
Melissa Vogt
Game Localizer & Konami Gaming School Trainer 6 mths
Previously Game Translation, freelance 1 yr

Jamal Nasir
Jamal Nasir
Front-end Web Designer 1.5 yrs
Previously Technical Artist

Fernando Caye
Fernando Caye
Application Designer 1 yr
Previously Game Prototype Designer

Foreign nationals in Japan who are currently working in the gaming industry or want to get into the gaming industry. All levels of experience are welcome.

Outline of the event

Date December 16th 19:00 to 20:00
Location Zoom
Entry fee free
Organizer Creek and River Co., Ltd. https://www.cri.co.jp/en/
Application Deadline December 15th 23:49

Recruitment has ended.

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