Are you ready to elevate your Japanese language skills for effective communication in business meetings? How can you make sure you are polite enough in a meeting with your clients? What are some key phrases to memorize to make the meeting go smoothly?

Join us for an information packed seminar where you’ll learn essential phrases tailored for both internal company meetings and customer interactions, focusing on polite expressions for agreement and disagreement.

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What You’ll Learn

Phrases for Internal Meetings: Master polite expressions for agreeing, disagreeing, suggesting ideas, and seeking clarification within your team.

Customer Meeting Etiquette: Learn how to navigate customer interactions with grace and professionalism, using polite language to interact with your clients

Who Should Attend

・Professionals seeking to enhance their Japanese language skills for effective communication in business meetings.

・Anyone involved in internal company meetings or customer-facing roles who wants to improve their ability to express agreement and disagreement politely.

・Pre-intermediate and intermediate learners of Japanese


Tomoko Goda
Goda-sensei studied law at university and graduate school, and as a working adult, I worked for over 30 years in sales, IT consulting, cloud business planning, etc. at a Japanese IT company that operated globally. During this time, she acquired multifaceted business communication skills through difficult communication with customers, within the company, and with partners.
As a Japanese language teacher, she utilizes her business experience and teaching experience at a Japanese language school to provide interactive lessons to students of a wide range of ages, from beginner to business level. Through case studies and role plays, students improve their Japanese conversation skills. Through student-centered lessons, you will solve questions such as “How should I say things in situations like this?” and improve your Japanese level.
Goda-sensei’s philosophy is: Let’s take lessons together and improve your overall Japanese conversation skills.
Tomoko Goda

Outline of the event

Date and time 2024/03/27(WED) 19:00~20:00
Schedule 19:00~19:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
19:05~19:50 Presentation by Tomoko Goda Sensei
19:50~20:00 Q&A
Place Zoom
Participants ・Japanese Language Students
・Japanese Language Teachers
・Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate Japanese Language Leaners
・People who do sales in Japanese
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline 2024/03/27(WED) 19:00

Deadline has passed