Learn and Practice the correct ways to answer the phone and make calls

In this seminar we will cover valuable insights into effective communication over the phone in a professional setting. The session will cover three main areas:

First, learn the art of creating a positive first impression through effective call answering. Discover key phrases that convey professionalism, warmth, and courtesy. Understand the basic flow of answering the phone and learn key phrases in each flow. From initial greetings to gracefully concluding a conversation, this session will cover the nuances of telephone etiquette that leave a lasting impression.

Second, making outbound calls requires a unique set of skills. Understand the basic flow of making calls and learn key phrases in each flow. Participants will gain insights into effective communication strategies that enhance their ability to convey messages clearly and professionally.

Lastly, we will cover the unique aspect of Japanese Language: Uchi (inside) and Soto (outside). This concept is critical in understanding speech style in telephone communication. Explore the concept of Uchi and Soto to adapt your communication approach accordingly. Learn to strike the right balance between formality and familiarity, ensuring that your speech aligns with the cultural and professional expectations of different environments.

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  • Key phrases & manners in answering a call.
  • Key phrases & manners in making a call.
  • Speech styles in the context of Uchi and Soto.


Yasu Sensei
Yasu sensei has extensive experience in the Japanese business world. He has worked for over 37 years in the finance, consulting, and market research fields. He has been teaching Japanese Language lessons for over 7 years in various fields including businesspeople, interns, US military, and medical professionals. During his time both working and teaching, he has mentored 100’s of people on how best to interact politely in business situations. He has college degrees from both Japanese and US universities in Economics and Communication.

Outline of the event

Date and time 2023/12/14(THU) 19:00~20:00
Schedule 19:00~19:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
19:05~19:50 Presentation by Yasu Sensei
19:50~20:00 Q&A
Place Zoom
Participants For people studying Japanese at a Basic and Pre-Intermediate Level
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline 2023/12/13(WED) 19:00

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