Creek & River (C&R) will holdsa a seminar titled “Let’s Master Japanese Business Manners! Vol. 1: Polite Communication Techniques” on Wednesday, November 22nd.

In this seminar, we will look at cushion words and aizuchi, 相槌 (agreement words) and see how important they are for demonstrating good manners in conversation.

First, the seminar will go over the use of cushion words while speaking. These words are very important for keeping harmony in conversations. Cushion words are essential for fluent and polite communication in Japanese, as they serve to soften language and convey nuanced meanings. This skill is ideal for individuals interested in improving their Japanese language skills, whether for business, cultural immersion, or personal enrichment.

Next, the seminar will cover the concept of aizuchi, or agreement words. This refers to the art of providing verbal cues, such as nods, short affirmations, and interjections, to show active listening and engagement during a conversation. Participants will gain an understanding of the cultural and linguistic significance of aizuchi in Japanese communication.


  • Examples of good and bad manners at Japanese Companies
  • How to make good use of “cushion words” while speaking
  • How to make good use of “aizuchi” or agreement words while listening
  • Quiz and Practice

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Yasu Sensei
Yasu sensei has extensive experience in the Japanese business world. He has worked for over 37 years in the finance, consulting, and market research fields. He has been teaching Japanese Language lessons for over 7 years in various fields including businesspeople, interns, US military, and IT professionals. During his time both working and teaching, he has mentored 100’s of people on how best to interact politely in business situations. He has college degrees from both Japanese and US universities in Economics and Communication.

Outline of the event

Date and time 2023/11/22(WED) 19:00~20:00
Schedule 19:00~19:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
19:05~19:50 Presentation by Yasu Sensei
19:50~20:00 Q&A
Place Zoom
Participants For people studying Japanese at a Basic and Pre-Intermediate Level
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline 2023/11/21(TUE) 19:00

Deadline has passed