Creek & River (C&R) will hold a seminar on October 17th, Tuesday, “Let’s learn how to use particles in Japanese~Practice using particles (「を」、「に」、「で」、「が」、「は」)with confidence!”

In this seminar, we will take up the theme of “particles”, which is a difficult problem for those studying Japanese. Have you ever been troubled that you don’t know which particles to use?
In the seminar, we will introduce the function and usage of each particle in an easy-to-understand manner using illustrations. This time, we will focus on the differences between “wo”, “ni”, “de”, “ga” and “ha” to help you use particles smoothly.

In the second half, we will introduce a method for increasing the vocabulary of “particles + verbs” for elementary and intermediate students. During the seminar, you will be given a lot of practice questions so that you can practice what you have learned.

If you want to study particles at the beginner’s level, if you want to reorganize the particles at the pre-intermediate level, or if you want to be able to speak more smoothly, please join us.


■ Introduction
■ Particles
 ― を
 ― に
 ― で
 ― The difference between が and は
■ The use of “particle + verb”
■ Practice
■ Q&A session



Rei Kamiya
Kamiya-sensei has been interested in languages since high school and majored in Spanish at university, aiming to teach Japanese after studying abroad. After passing the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test in 2019, she began working as a part-time lecturer at a Japanese language school in Nagoya, where she oversaw technical intern trainees and helped many students get work in companies.
After graduating from university, she studied Japanese grammar acquisition as a second language at Nanzan University Graduate School and wrote her master’s thesis. When she was in school, she also taught online Japanese language supplementary classes at an American university.
After completing her master’s course, she oversaw corporate sales at a major manufacturer. Currently, while teaching Japanese to businesspeople and students, she is also actively producing information on Japanese grammar and teaching methods.
Kamiya Rei  神谷 玲氏

Outline of the event

Date and time 2023/10/17(TUE) 19:00~20:00
Schedule 19:00~19:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
19:05~19:50 Presentation by Rei Kamiya
19:50~20:00 Q&A
Place Zoom
Participants For people studying Japanese at a Basic and Pre-Intermediate Level
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline 2023/10/16(MON) 19:00