* The seminar will be in English, but you can also listen in Japanese through simultaneous interpretation (you can choose the original (English) or the interpretation channel yourself). Click here for Japanese page >>

In this seminar, entrepreneur and experienced NLP practitioner Eduardo Gonzalez will share valuable insights on how to utilize the power of advanced language models, like GPT-4, to enhance various aspects of your business or career. With the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, comprehending the strengths and limitations of these models is essential for both entrepreneurs and professionals.

The seminar will kick off with an introduction to large language models, by explaining their underlying mechanisms, capabilities, and constraints. Eduardo will then delve into practical applications, illustrating how GPT-4 has served as a remarkable thought-accelerator for his own business ventures.

Finally, Eduardo will offer actionable tips and strategies for job-seekers, along with time for interactive discussions, ensuring that participants leave the seminar equipped with valuable knowledge to advance their careers in this exciting field.



Founder and CEO of Xpress AI
Eduardo Gonzalez

After graduating from the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Gonzalez studied at the Faculty of Business Administration at Konan University in Japan. After graduating there, he began working as a technical manager at Japan Business Systems Co., Ltd., He then moved to Skymind and worked as Deputy Director of Neurobionics Research Institute and Vice President of Engineering and is formerly the Skymind Global CIO. He is also the founder and CEO of Xpress AI.

Eduardo Gonzalez is from Puerto Rico and is currently based in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xpress Ai which provides tools for businesses and organizations to develop their own AI applications and empower their employees with useful AI assistants.

Xpress AI https://www.xpress.ai/ja

Eduardo Gonzalez

Outline of the event

Date and time Friday, June 2nd 2023  19:00~20:00
Schedule 19:00~19:05 Creek and River Co., Ltd Introduction
19:05~19:50 Presentation by Eduardo Gonzalez
19:50~20:00 Q&A
Location Held online (using Zoom)
Speaker Eduardo Gonzalez
Founder and CEO of Xpress AI,
Target Audience ・ Engineers and creators who are interested in AI
・ Those who want to find business tips
・ Those who are interested in overseas expansion
・ Those who want to broaden their perspectives on engineers and skills, etc.
Entry Fee Free
Capacity 60 people
Organizer CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd.
Application deadline Thursday, June 1st 2023 22:00


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