apanese language course for successful employment
Japanese language course for successful employment

Creek & River (C&R) will conduct a “Japanese language course for successful employment” especially designed for creators whose native language is not Japanese.
From between 40 and 80 hours of in depth Japanese language instruction focusing on getting a job and communicating at work in Japanese.

Does this describe your situation?
・I want to get a creative job in Japan, but my Japanese ability is not clear and I failed my interviews
・Even though I have excellent technology skills and enthusiasm, I can’t make my dream come true because I haven’t found a job in Japan
・I’m worried about communication in Japanese after getting a job

Creek and River has been providing employment support specializing in creators for over 30 years and we can help you overcome the language barrier
Creek & River has prepared a Japanese language course specializing in employment in the creative industry!
Strengthen your Japanese proficiency with the curriculum of the N2 pass line in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

You can master the following situations

  • Making a self-introduction
  • Saying hello in various situations (formal and casual)
  • Making and receive calls at work (formal and casual)
  • Showing care / receiving attention and advice
  • Asking / refusing work
  • Getting permission from your boss
  • Making an appointment with a client
  • Visiting the client
  • Job hunting interview measures
  • Using honorific expressions (Keigo)
  • Grammar necessary to pass the N2 JLPT exam

This course is recommended for people like this

  • Those who have experience of failing an interview because their Japanese ability is not clear
  • Those who are planning to have an interview with a Japanese company
  • Those who want to work for a Japanese company
  • Those who do not know how to use honorifics

Japanese teacher

Shinya Toyoda
Graduated from Tokyo Foreign Language University. Having studied linguistics in college, he was interested in becoming a Japanese teacher. He passed the Japanese Language Education Proficiency Test in 2017, completed the Japanese language teacher training course in 2018, and started his career as a Japanese language teacher at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

He is in charge of international student classes at Japanese language schools, and is in charge of classes at all levels from beginner to advanced. He not only teaches Japanese, but is also involved in admission guidance, sending many international students to vocational schools, universities, and graduate schools. In addition to working at a Japanese language school, he has also become involved in Japanese language training at a major human resources company. Providing interview guidance and career support.

From June 2019, he has been in charge of Japanese language training class for IT engineers at Creek & River. He has developed business Japanese training for engineers of various nationalities such as South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Portugal and the USA among others.

豊田 真也(とよだ しんや)氏


Held online


・Those who are not native speakers of Japanese who are aiming to work in Japan
・Those who have problems in job hunting and whose native language is not Japanese
・Those who have approximately N3 level of Japanese and want to improve their language skills from the daily conversation level to the business level.

Tuition fee

40-hour to 80-hour program, 40,000円~80,000円


Please purchase the following materials in advance.
・TRY! Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2 Revised Japanese version extended from grammar (with English translation)
( Publisher Ask (2013/11/22),ISBN-10 : 4872178629,ISBN-13 : 978-4872178623)
・Nihongo de Hataraku! Bijinesu Nihongo 30 Jikan
( Publisher:3A Network (2009/03/01),ISBN-10 : 4883194906,ISBN-13 : 978-4883194902)


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